Wildlife Inspection Report

We offer an Exclusive


The Wildlife Inspection Report® is an exclusive inspection report that details any potential or current wildlife activity at your home or business.

We provide a Wildlife Inspection Report® to ensure your property is safe and free of wildlife and pests. During this inspection, we’ll check: chimneys, vents, roof, insulation, attic, gutters, eaves, siding, brick, weep holes, foundation vents, weatherstripping, dryer vents, conducive conditions, ridge vents, construction gaps and more!

The Wildlife X Team is committed to the safe removal of wildlife from our clients’ properties; we are also dedicated to ensuring that the nuisance wildlife does not return. Because a lot of wildlife removal services don’t seal up any entry points, these animals will continue to gain entry to their property. It is vitally important that professionals that promise to remove the wildlife seal up any entry points to prevent further access for wildlife in the future.

Wildlife X Team begins every job with a thorough inspection of the client’s property. While conducting the inspection, we will determine exactly what animal(s) have entered your home, the entry points where they have gained access as well as identify any openings such as vents, etc. that exclusion products can seal up to prevent future entry. We will then sit down with them and go over our findings and recommendations in order to accomplish the removal of the wildlife and ensure their house is safe from future infestations.

Every building is unique and because problems do vary, Wildlife X Team will perform the most comprehensive inspection available. We do this by covering the interior and exterior of the structure using our exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report® which includes over 25+ areas that will be checked. We will then provide a written estimate suggesting any necessary habitat modifications, necessary animal exclusions and damage repair work that should be performed to prevent future incidents.