About Us

Wildlife X Team is rapidly becoming the leader in the pest control & nuisance wildlife control industry. We lead the way in the development of technology, education, products and services in Pest Control & Wildlife Management. We are a family oriented business founded in Texas and dedicated to excellent customer service. No matter the season you can rely on our Wildlife X Team family to deliver affordable solutions for your pest control & nuisance wildlife issues.

About Pest X Team

At Pest X Team, we don’t believe in over-applying pesticides or even applying pesticides without solving the root cause of the problem. Our service plans are designed to put well-trained professionals to work on the outside of your home with a goal of preventing pests from ever becoming a problem inside of your home or business. This approach has been proven to protect families, homes & businesses from unwanted pests and the diseases they may carry or damage they may cause while reducing the pesticides used inside your home. We have several pest, rodent, mosquito, cockroach, bed bug, and termite services available in your area.

We’re able to exceed your expectations, because of the core values behind every Pest X Team employee.

Accountability – Take responsibility for our actions that influence the lives of our clients and fellow workers.

Commitment – Commitment to providing superior service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the Pest X Team organization.

Communication – Superior communication is the key to understanding our customers’ and our employees’ needs and expectations. In order to be the best pest control choice, we must listen to our clients and employees.

Consistency – Be consistent in offering the best pest control service available.

Fun – Having fun and celebrating small successes in our companies journey to achieve big results is part of our plan.

Innovation – Constantly and consistently come up with new creative ideas that have the potential to change the pest control industry and provide our clients with a service that cannot be compared with any other pest control or wildlife control company.

Integrity – To act with honesty and integrity everyday without compromising the truth.

Ownership – Taking personal ownership of the company and our clients success.

Respect – Giving due respect to self and others and maintain the environment of team work and growth within Pest X Team.

Service Excellence– Giving the best and world class service and achieving excellence each and every day.

About the Hudson Family


It’s been proven that a family-owned business & pest control business will consistently outperform almost every other type of business. Family-owned firms are more stable, have a longer time horizon and tend to have a high level of trust and commitment – both to employees and clients – because how our Pest X Team company behaves reflects the family’s personal integrity.


(And We Have Good People Doing It)

What sets the Hudson Family apart? In short, our passion and the quality and training of our people. We are well known in the industry for training and keeping the best technicians. Our technicians are career professionals who take the meaning of their service function seriously. The sum and substance of our business are the people we employ to perform the service and the relationships they have with our clients. We get that and take it seriously.

For over 20 years now, Hudson’s people have diligently worked to eliminate pests from our clients’ homes, cabins and businesses. As a longtime pest control provider, we know that earning and keeping our client’s trust is as important as taking care of their pests.